Build certainty in meeting business objectives

Seize opportunities, shorten the distance between strategy & execution. Fluidly reallocate funds, people and attention.

Execs turn to Insight to drive business forward

Establish real-time, cross-functional reporting and forecasting in a few weeks. No data warehouse, no IT paraphernalia.

We focus on solving business challenges, putting our experts in the front line

Insight increases the bottom line in two ways. Firstly it drives far more efficient operations and tighter team cohesion. Secondly managers and leaders gain real-time dashboards and forecasts that enable better, faster decision making. Our approach is unique. Insight technology is highly adaptable with minimal effort. We sit our experts in your team, pooling experience and expertise, shaping Insight to meet immediate needs and lay the foundation to meet future aspirations. Break free of restrictive software applications.

Insight creates a single version of the truth that everyone works from. Other IT systems and Excel™ spreadsheets are connected. Excel's strengths are enhanced and weaknesses are all overcome. We've eliminated the reasons why other IT providers try to kill off spreadsheets. Intellectual capital, engagement and adaptability are retained and enhanced.

Winning with Rapid Change

Unmatched flexibility means Insight is easily shaped to fit hand-in-glove with your needs from day 1 and it will continue to keep pace in a world of disruptive change. Sharply focused clarity for all the leadership team. See up-to-the minute progress, status, risks, issues, KPIs, budgets and dependencies. Spreadsheets mean local personalisation is a cinch, yet enterprise data is synchronised in a database. 'One version of the truth' at all times. No dilemma ... the best of connected enterprise IT and Excel™!

Get the Insight Benefit, Quickly

Our goal is to eliminate long IT deployment times. We're still working to improve this, but we've delivered tailored, global solutions with all stakeholders fully engaged in under 4 months. Our clients are seeing reporting efficiency gains of 90% and the time to report reduced by over 70%.
Built as an extensible tool platform, you can start small with Insight and then expand at a pace and direction set by you. Changing your mind about what you want to see is normal and expected.

Beating the Adoption Challenge

Strong tool adoption matters. It's essential to securing a real-time holistic view and for fuelling better team cohesion.

By embracing Excel™ spreadsheets we've side-stepped the common 'lack of adoption' weakness of all other software tools. Even the best don't come close to matching the flexibility a familiarity of Excel™. Less experienced colleagues gain a foundation that is immediately productive. Experienced colleagues get a capable system that goes far beyond stand-alone spreadsheets. Everyone retains that ubiquitous, 'personal productivity canvas' that is Excel™. Most people welcome a tool choice that means they can keep using Excel™!

Insight Advantages

Real-time situational awareness. Greater certainty executing tactical and strategic change.
Progress, status, budgets, risk, issues, dependencies, resources and performance indicators.

First, sustainable real-time, holistic operational insights in a few weeks.

Fast adoption, easy to use ... near zero training, near zero disruption. SaaS commercial model with no upfront purchase costs.

Radically improve cross-functional collaboration. Build strong, cohesive teams.

Meet the differing needs of diverse internal & external stakeholders.

Very flexible, with customisation supported at three levels.
Personal changes in spreadsheets do not require any change controls.

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