Connected Planning beats inflexible PPM tools

Get agile and cross-functional, drive far greater PMO value

A dilemma busting approach to PPM tools

Up to the minute, trusted information is absolutely critical in making timely informed decisions. Yet senior managers responsible for the success of project portfolios often struggle without it.

Over 60% of organisations still use stand-alone spreadsheets as the defacto tool for planning and executing their portfolios. None of the PPM tool vendors have displaced Microsoft Excel™ as the dominant tool. None of these vendors can match the familiarity and flexibility offered by the trusty spreadsheet.

Reporting moves to real-time, with effort reduced by 90%

We focus on the business problems, so you don't need to worry about the technology. In fact, Insight is incredibly easy to use. It works from right inside Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets. Over 900 million people know how to use Excel™, imagine how much effort is saved in training alone!

There is no 'web app'. Insight retains the familiarity and flexibility of the trusty spreadsheet and combines it with seamless connectivity to a central application with a powerful database. Live connectivity means that Insight builds up-to-the-minute reports, inside Excel™, directly from the data inside 100's or 1000's of other spreadsheets being used right across the organisation. No 'copy & paste'! Information needed for management is protected yet every user with an Insight spreadsheet can add their own sheets and their own columns to support their local needs. For those who prefer to work in Microsoft Project™, Insight imports Microsoft Project™ plans directly into Excel™ with just a couple of clicks.

More Value. Less Effort.

Unparalleled ease of use ensures that novices and experts alike are immediately comfortable. IT and non IT projects are up to speed with near zero training. This enables Insight to deliver value in less than two weeks.
Although everyone is using spreadsheets, repetitive copy and paste is eliminated saving days of PMO effort each month collecting data, fixing errors and creating reports. PMO analysts have real-time visibility of all portfolios, programmes and projects with optional administrative control around portfolio structure and project life-cycles.
No dilemma ... the best of enterprise PPM and Excel™!

A Trusted Holistic View

Senior stakeholders benefit from the real-time data they need for quality decision making, without forcing anyone away from Excel™. A trusted portfolio wide insight, automatically presented in they want to see it. They can see up-to-the minute progress, status, risks, issues, KPIs, budgets and dependencies. Insight's fully auditable database guarantees 100% data integrity and 'one version of the truth'. Everyone can safely personalise their spreadsheets to meet their local needs without change control slowing them down.

Beating the Adoption Challenge

By embracing spreadsheets we've side-stepped the common 'lack of adoption' issue. This is a weakness in all other PPM tools. Even the best don't come close to matching the flexibility a familiarity of Excel™. Less experienced colleagues gain a foundation that is immediately productive. Experienced colleagues get a capable system that goes far beyond stand-alone spreadsheets. Everyone retains that ubiquitous, 'personal productivity canvas' that is Excel™. Insight is embraced by IT and non-IT teams alike.

Insight Advantages

Real-time situational awareness for business leaders
Progress, status, budgets, risk, issues, dependencies, resources and performance indicators.

Realise benefits in less than 2 weeks with no upfront purchase costs.

Fast adoption, easy to use ... near zero training.

Radically improve collaboration and project inter-dependency management. Build strong, cohesive teams.

Meet the differing needs of diverse internal & external stakeholders.

Very flexible, with customisation supported at 3 levels. Personal changes in spreadsheets do not require any change controls.

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